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Default Re: geforce 280 gtx sli debating about 480 sli...

Originally Posted by nvserge View Post
Hey guys... my rig specs are in my sig...

things running pretty smoothly until I got a third monitor to get the surround temptation out of the way...

Now I can see things are starting to look a bit taxed at 5760/1080 with 3 monitors. I mean... borderline great with a bit of choppiness...

Would it be overkill to get 2 480's considering my specs? Not sure if I can budget an i7 at this time...

Looking for guidance to either trigger a guilt ridden purchase or to stop my hand from twitching around my wallet!

i would go for a cpu upgrade first. my cpu (like yours) bottlenecks my cards a LOT! i put them in my other machine that has an i5 750 @ 3.6 and they where very happy MUCH better performance. especially in Bad Company 2!
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