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Default Re: geforce 280 gtx sli debating about 480 sli...

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I would agree that a CPU and motherboard and memory would be the first thing to do .The
i7-920 0r i7-930 scales better then the core2 Quad in SLI .I would upgrade to a i7-920 or
i7-930 and a new motherboard and DDR3 memory first and then get new video cards .
no disrespect John, but even an i5 750 would suffice, and be alot less to upgrade. i went through the whole i5 vs i7 debate, and couldnt justify the bigger expense. but yea clock for clock i5-i7 easily beats a core 2 quad. hell even at stock clocks my i5 beats my C2Q at 3.6 by a bit ...
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