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Default Re: 256.44 cpu / X spike

X or not X, definitely 256 series have high performance drops comaring to 195.

opensuse 11.3 32 bit, latest kde 4.5 with compiz 8.6 or with kwin:

256 series - all freezes for about 3-5 secs when I try to resize playing smplayer's (with vdpau plugin) movie window , some compiz plugins like shift window switcher behaves slow on complex windows, 1500 fps with glxgears.

195 series - all above problems gone. switching in smplayer(vdpau) from movie to another windows, from fullscreen mode to windowed is instant(with 256 it takes some seconds), windows resizing not instant but fast even of playing smplayers windows, compiz plugins working all w/o glitches, 4500 fps with glxgears.

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