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Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.3 Released.

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Let's begin. The manual way

1. Download the NVIDIA driver here select 32bit/64bit whatever. Firefox should let you save the file like a normal file, other browsers might not, so just right click the "Agree to Download" button and "Save Link As" if you get a bunch of text.

2. Just name it "" rather than the full name because it's long and save it to your home directory(not in a folder somewhere).

3. Now make the file executable in the file manager by just right clicking that file and Properties>Permissions Execute and tick "Allow executing file as program". I won't bore you with the one command to do that.

4. Reboot and when you see the bootloader screen, type nomodeset after the text at the bottom, (hit space, just type nomodeset) and press enter to boot.

5. Once you have booted into the desktop, go into the menu "Computer" click Install/Remove Software.

6. Type "Kernel-devel" in the find bar at the top. Click the box next to kernel-devel that it finds. Do the same in the search box and for "make" and "gcc". Click Apply and let it install whatever it needs and downloads, or you can paste the following command in the terminal, which should do the same thing.
sudo zypper in kernel-devel gcc make
Here's where it gets rather tricky, since we have to compile the driver.

7. Press Ctrl, Alt, F1. This will get to you a TTY. Login as "root" and enter your root password you have set or just the password you login with(the default way on installation).

8. Type init 3 then press enter on that screen and make sure you're on that screen were you logged in before you typed init 3.

9. Type cd /home/myusername So mine would be /home/sean. Type ls to list the files in your home directory(cd moved you to that directory) and you should see your file.

10. Now Type sh and follow the instructions, just say yes, yes. It will now compile the NVIDIA driver, so just wait for it to finish.

11. You'll get a message at the end asking you, do you want to NVIDIA to change the xorgconf for you, say yes.

12. The NVIDIA driver is now installed. To start the login manager, just type init 5 and it should start.

Done. Next Time you boot, you'll need to make the nomodeset permanent.

WARNING: If you do not set this or do nomodeset at boot, you will have problems and the NVIDIA driver and screen my not start.

Open YaST in the menu, go to System>Boot Loader. Click Edit and at the bottom you will see "Optional Kernel Command Line Perameter".

At the end with a space type nomodeset, click OK and OK again and that should be it.

Please let me know how you get on and good luck.
Tanx for this guide , this was the first guide that explained in an easy way, after thi guide everything worked perfect from first try!
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