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Default Re: Froyo is out for EVO

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Getting excited that a phone can act like a flashlight is like getting excited Windows 7 can add numbers with it's calculator.
It's just another one of the little bonuses that might not seem like much, but once you have it you wonder how you lived without it. I think the phone is almost like a swiss army knife anymore. It can be a phone, camera, flashlight, MP3 player, GPS, compass, radio, video player. Not only that once you have the internet you can use it for finding all kinds of information.

I'm hopefully going to get either an EVO or a droid X this year, which will be my first smartphone. It will be amazing to have a device that can do all of those things anywhere you take it. I'm just thinking of being out camping somewhere and how nice it would be to just have the phone in your pocket and you're covered for most of your electronic devices. If only it had a lighter... (Maybe just bang the side of the phone up against something for sparks...)
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