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Default Re: Froyo is out for EVO

You don't need Froyo for the bubble level, I can get it with 2.1
No idea about the other stuff.

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
It's just another one of the little bonuses that might not seem like much, but once you have it you wonder how you lived without it. I think the phone is almost like a swiss army knife anymore. It can be a phone, camera, flashlight, MP3 player, GPS, compass, radio, video player. Not only that once you have the internet you can use it for finding all kinds of information.
I think every smart phone out now can do all that stuff (well except the flashlight part if you don't have a flash on the phone but I have seen an app I think that could make your screen go white and use it like a flashlight, but why?)
I also love how they can be multiple things in one. I can ride with it in my pocket on the motorcycle then stop and check the weather for where we are riding or get directions to somewhere or listen to music on the mp3 player or even make a call, whatever and all on a device that fits in my pocket.
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