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Default GeForce 8200, VDPAU: 1080p is a no-go

I use Ubuntu 10.04 with the "official" 195.36.15 drivers and corresponding libvdpau as offered by the OS. The GPU is a GeForce 8200 on an ASUS M3N78-VM motherboard. Compiz is deactivated. Composite Extensions are deactivated.

MPlayer was self-compiled with the mplayer-build scripts. FFmpeg-mt is used.

Well, to cut a long story short, when using VDPAU, I can play 720p perfectly fine, but I can't play any 1080p material flawlessly. The audio comes out alright, but the video lags behind severely, displaying at something like 4-5 fps, with MPlayer displaying the dreaded "Your computer is too slow to play this" message appearing in the terminal window. The videos are all well within sane specifications. High profile, level 4.1, at most 4 reference frames. But even simple 1080p movie trailers from Apple don't work.

Software decoding works.

Can't really believe that this is an MPlayer issue, since the 1080p videos play fine on Windows 7 when using DXVA in MPC-HC.
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