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Default Re: For the love of GOD and all things HOLY....Black mesa!!??!!

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
I wouldn't be surprised with an announcement later down the road, that this will be released as part of HL2 EP3 as was Portal.
That would be rediculously cool. I'd like to see Valve hire this team to work on HL3 or EP3 or both. And as they allowed Alien Swarm to be released for free they should do the same with Black Mesa- as I'm sure by now it's more done than not.

It could be downloaded for free as well as bundled with EP3/HL3. That would be *very* nice.

And with how well this team knows the HL story they could only compliment during the creation of EP3/HL3. It'd be a win-win all around.
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