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Default Re: Android Benchmarks!

Mine will aquire it quickly too at times but then the accuracy is so bad Oprah would get pissed and smash cars if she had to use it to find the nearest Krispy Kreme joint.
One time my wife was driving and I had my phone in the car so I turned it on to test the GPS. It aquired a signal in 20 seconds. Great I thought. Then it started tracking her move along the map and all of a sudden it veered off the road and showed her in the water. A little bit later it showed her going 100mph according to GPS Test. It was so crappy all we could do was laugh.
It is very inconsistent. Soimetimes it sucks more ass than a vaccuum attached to Rosie Odonnell's cellulite covered ass then the next time it will be decent enough to use.

I did use the google maps this weekend when I was on a motorcycle ride and wanted to find the closest way to the highway to get home. The map worked perfect, the navigation part blows.

Sorry, didn't mean to get the thread off track.
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