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Default Re: Any Sucess using XVMC with FX6200?

I am having somewhat similar trouble with XvMC.
I have two systems, one with a GeForce 7100 GS and the other with a 6600GT. Both are running Mythbuntu 10.04 32bit.
I use MythTV .23.1 and have XvMC working but it runs slowly causing video stuttering which didn't happen when I ran Mythbuntu 9.04.
I have tried multiple drivers and here is a list of what happened with each one:
256.44 from website: XvMC doesn't work
256.35 Avenard package: XvMC doesn't work
195.36.31 Avenard package: XvMC works but too slow
190.53 Avenard package: XvMC works but too slow
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