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Default Re: For the love of GOD and all things HOLY....Black mesa!!??!!

Either way, it's gonna be a REALLY LONG TIME before we see any of the above mentioned. Both valve and the BM team take a REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY long and DELAYED time in making games. Just be like blizzard, and not have a release date, until they are 100% ready to release the game, then ANNOUNCE it. Don't announce it and then have 1.5 years worth of lame.

I really don't understand how a company can pay people to develop a game, then it gets turned around on them, when regular people like you and me mod that game in less then half the time. That game turns into a really cool newer game based of the old game, and those people seem to find AND SOLVE bugs that those same developers couldn't ever fix. It's like, why not make a base game engine, release it to the public, and then allow them to make their own games. That would be cooler and much faster then developing the
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