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Default Re: Unable to init X after resume from suspend to RAM (256.35)

Originally Posted by rp9 View Post
Hi DeiF, did you overcome the problem? I have exactly the same situation and goolge don't seem to have an answer...
No, I didn't overcome the problem.
I'm still waiting for a response by NVidia or anybody else for ideas.
I'm willing to provide more info if necessary.

I did a lot of testing with the pm_trace kernel feature, until I realized that the problem was just X not coming up after resume. I originally had enabled MSI interrupts, but disabled them just to try if it was the cause: it didn't work.
I don't know if Nouveau is worth trying, just to discard hardware problems.

I've run out of ideas.
(bumping the thread also)

EDIT: Installing 256.44 seems to have fixed the problem.

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