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Default Re: 3D Vision and Linux

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
On Quadro cards you have the extra din-connector which provides a synchronization signal to the USB transmitter which sends the signals to the glasses.
Only on the more expensive Quadro cards;-(
On Windows the glasses also work on Geforce cards. In that I think a signal is generated by hooking in the calls which signal that a frame is ready (wglSwapBuffers in case of OpenGL and Present in case of Direct3D). All that might be needed is someone to figure out what USB commands to send and then a basic GL wrapper like StereoGL might already work.
I don't think that is enough: On X, 3D can currently only be presented via OpenGL, and only Quadro cards support OpenGL 3D, iiuc.
I believe your solution would only help make cheaper Quadro cards work.

Carl Eugen
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