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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Optimus is not supported by the graphics driver, but it ought to work for CUDA. If it's not working, please describe what's happening in a new thread, or send a message to
Guys, I understand that making Linux driver automatically switch between dedicated video card and build-in card could be a low priority, BUT to have no plans of making laptops with Optimus technology work at all in Linux is just unacceptable.

A notebook with a NVidia video card often is twice the price of a similar notebook with just the Intel card, why would people buy them, if it is impossible to us the NVidia card in the laptop???

Please make it so that when NVidia driver detects an Optimus configuration, it turns on and initialises both NVidia and Intel hardware and makes it output NVidia rendered output to the screen. We don't care that much about battery life or heat - getting a picture from the expensive NVidia hardware to the screen it top priority for us and should be TOP priority for you.

Before choosing laptops was easy - NVidia = good, ATi = bad. Now we need to hunt for NVidia, but without the Optimus. That is ridiculous and increasingly difficult as more and more laptops come with Optimus and now way of disabling it.
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