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Default Re: nvidia GeForce 310M CUDA Optimus on FreeBSD 8.1?

so far:

1. adding machdep.disable_mtrrs="1" to boot/loader.conf didn't work. Tried with 2 driver version 195 and 256, compiled without(disabling agp.0 in device.hints)/with freebsd_agp, with/without linux_compat, without apm.

2. removing 2GB of memory didn't work as well, trying every combination

In both cases I noticed that : using no BusID in xorg.conf results in "(EE) no device found" in X log. Setting BusID to PCI:1:0:0 doesn't get to this error, but the computer just freezes and needs to be shutdown manually (tried to log remotely using ssh, sshd wasn't running anymore)

Later i will try FreeBSD 8.1 amd64 with the whole amount of memory
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