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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by aigarius View Post
...Before choosing laptops was easy - NVidia = good, ATi = bad. Now we need to hunt for NVidia, but without the Optimus. That is ridiculous and increasingly difficult as more and more laptops come with Optimus and now way of disabling it.
As a proud owner of a <dontbuy> ASUS N61J with useless G325M, it is becoming obvious that we won't receive any answer here. This doesn't mean we should stop asking or stop warning others about it.
You're right, most laptops will have it in the near future (I bought the above c**p because it came with no OEM, and the model I was looking for had one month delivery time - next time I'll wait -)
That's why Nvidia marketing should answer our Question (are they ignoring a potential market the size of Germany and France together? what sane vendor would deliberately choose to do such a thing?)

I get on glxgears: '8376 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1675.071 FPS' with intel and compiz, probably 10 times slower than the Nvidia would have done - but who cares
My hunch is that the Intel onboard should somehow allow the Nvidia card to connect to a display, so Intel opinion would be also interesting to see.

About disabling it, I do 'echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0/remove' in rc.local
Not sure if it has any effect for powersaving (any better than vgaswitcheroo or acpi_call methods), it is faster.
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