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Default Re: It is going to be better than GT5 and Forza3?

Originally Posted by smashingpunk009 View Post
Who knows, we would actually need to play it. Forza and GT series have craptastic physics, the only thing that those games have is a wealthy amount of content.
From what developers say they want to make a simulation so there is a hope for good physic. It is their first game on PC because they found that there is bigger target for hardcore gamers.

About content... it cany be huge. Microtransactions it's all about content and if they will make good cash ( and they probably will just like iRacing did) it can be at last racing game with content bigger than everything else on PC. I know there is a lot of content in rFactor, GTR2 mods but I'm talking about official content right now Oh and they have got big injection of cash for this project so it may have better quality than their old games.
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