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Default Re: Rumor: AMD 6xxx Series GPUs Slated for November

This new GPU will come manufactured on a 28nm process. The original plan was to make these upcoming chips using a 32nm manufacturing process (and called Northern Islands by AMD), but Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) ended up skipping its 32nm R&D and jumped straight to 28nm.
While details on the new line are still vague, there are reports coming out the new series will use the current 40nm fabrication process and not the 32nm originally intended. This is due to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) advancing to 28nm and skipping the 32nm process all together. So, AMD had to make the adjustment back to 40nm in order to prevent delays to the new series.
The first quote is from this article. The second is from another article. Every other article I've seen about these new 6000 cards says the same thing as the second quote, that the 6000 series will be 40nm cards.

Either way, I wouldn't expect the 6000 series cards to be anything more than a refresh that improves AA and tessellation performance of the current 5000 cards. They certainly won't jump in hte kinds of speeds that traditional new lines of cards usually achieve.
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