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Default Re: Can i or not ???

[quote=italy2010;2300179]Hi to all im gonna to go for quad sli gtx 480 i have 3*zotac gtx480 and im looking to buy another one the only choise i have for the 4th card is gigabayte no zotac in stock now can i mix this brand with my 3 zotac to turn on 4-way sli and is the system is stable in this case mean 3 zotac + 1 gigabyte?
And i have another quastion plz what is the card consumption power only the card how many need the power only him in watt an 12V in amp. just the card not all the system thankz.QUOTE]

Adding a fourth card from Gigabyte will work fine with the 3 Zotac.

A 400 Watt with 36+ Amps total,would power a single 480GTX card.
Problem is that you would be hard pressed to find a 400 watt with 6pin and 8pin,but you could use 2x6pin for 8pin and two molex connections to 6pin to supply enough power the card.

Now if your adding a fourth card and have some extra cash and want a good benchmarking computer.

Buy all the water cooling gear.
Buy/make water-chiller for sub ambient/sub zero temptures and some kneaded art eraser or some other forum for insulating board,card,cpu,memory for 24/7 use.
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