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Default Re: Syncing Quadro card's 2 outputs for dual flat panel 3D display

Hello Aaron,

Thanks for all your help on this. I have done some more investigation and it makes me think this probably isn't a driver problem. We tested as follows...

Using different 3D playback software that also uses the hardware stereo (Framecycler as opposed to RV) we still got the issue.

We then tried with a different workstation with a different mainboard and a Quadro FX1800 as opposed to FX3800 and still saw the issue.

Finally we tried with a Windows XP64 machine with Quadro FX1800 and RV as playback, and still saw the issue.

So, at this stage I guess it is either something with the monitor, or maybe the Nvidia Card / monitor combo. (I have a support ticket in with the monitor manufacturer.)

One thing that makes me suspicious of the monitor is that it reports a native resolution of 1920x1080 in the EDID for both displays. However the panels are actually 1920 x 1200 (as stated in the monitor manual).We tried running the tests at this res and lower and still saw the problems.

To give more information on the sync problem, it seems to glitch regularly. Every second or so the left eye right eye frames will be out of sync. The frequency of the glitching doesn't change if we change the playback speed. Even the marker on the timeline seems to glitch, so it's not just the frames we are playing back. When we step through frames one by one on the timeline, all looks well and everything is matched up. I thought it may be an internal timer issue of some sort, but the linux machines are using the HPET as reported by dmesg.

I realize this may be the wrong forum for this now, but I thought I'd post to see if anyone may have any ideas.

I'm attaching the bug report and installer log just in case they are of use.

Thanks again for your help.
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