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Default Re: nvidia GeForce 310M CUDA Optimus on FreeBSD 8.1?


yes i knew about nvidia drivers for FreeBSD...that's the reason i choose my notebook, instead of a ati driven laptop.


i tried with amd64 fbsd 8.1....same results...the only difference is that Xorg -configure now recognizes the nvidia0 on vgapci0 as "nvidia" and not just "nv".

Similar problem in this forum:
...the guy was luckier than me and eventually solved his problem

the weird fact is that asus provides 2 bios settings:

1.reserved vga0 on PCI:1:0:0 works with vesa
2.win7/vista: nvidia0 is recognized on PCI:1:0:0, vgapci1 on PCI:0:2:0 (internal intel graphic device). Both doesn't work, even with vesa driver...

...anyway...thanks for your time,

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What I'm trying to do is to use one of the graphic adapter with a decent performance....don't need for switching technology...

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