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Post HDMI Cable Makers and Dealers Use Misleading Labels

Today, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are a fact of life in the world of consumer electronics. But is there any difference between an Amazon Basic HDMI cable for $7 and more expensive ones? HDGURU takes a look at the differences between standard HDMI cables, high speed HDMI cables (which are those capable of supporting 3-D and 1080p signals, and HDMI cables that are labeled 240 MHz or more. Personally, I buy the Amazon HDMI cables, and I have never been disappointed.
120 Hz, 240Hz, 480 Hz HDMI cables? Maybe you have seen them in the consumer electronics stores. There is no such thing. The manufacturers label cables this way to confuse you to overspend with jargon useful in describing television refresh rates (link), but has nothing to do with HDMI cables!

via HDGURU.Com ยป HDMI Cable Makers and Dealers Use Misleading Labels to Push Needless Expensive Upgrades.

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