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Default Re: Anyone done the upgrade from a 8800 GTX to 460 GTX?

So far everything works great, but I didn't have a whole lot that was a bad performer on the 8800 either. GTA is smoother, I am still working on ideal settings for it but it looks like I will still be running medium textures on it just so I can keep the draw distance past %50. NFS shift was like butter and I was able to have high AF with some AA. I do think I am noticing the stutter issues but it isn't at any type of set frequency, it is so random and dosn't happen so often that I can't rule out the stutter just being disc access.

So I was mainly just tweaking games to enable AA/AF. I also played with folding abit to checkout the bad ass speeds the thing can process units at vs cpu. Saddly xilisofts video converter which supports CUDA seems to use only 8-18% of the gpu (and all of the cpu still).

One nice thing I am finding is I don't have to manually set fan speeds. It idles at 38c and the fan wont let the card get hotter then about 75c, and I havn't had the card crash yet. My 8800 would occasionally lockup when it got hot so I manually set its fan speed to max. A good thing to, the fan on this thing really becomes audible past 55, and 100 is earpiercing.

Crysis isnt installed so I'll have to get around to doing that.
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