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Default Re: Enabling blur in kwin slows down the desktop effects

Originally Posted by nece228 View Post
You people are so fanboyish. I already said that compiz uses opengl 1.4 while kwin uses opengl 3.0. Why you still cant get that nvidia poorly supports opengl 3 in linux? I really dont want to blame nvidia for all the problems, but take a look at nvidia bugs in linux, theres thousands of them. In fact theres no such slowdowns when using ati fglrx driver. Im starting to be disappointed that i recently bought nvidia, and your ignorance and saying that nvidia drivers are perfect and thats only kwin issue is such an absurdish statement.
KWin doesn't use OpenGL 3.0. Mesa doesn't support OpenGL 3.0 yet. There are plans to move KWin compositing to OpenGL 3.0 for KDE 4.7, but that's in the future. Nvidia's drivers share most of their code base with the Windows driver. OpenGL 3 and 4 work fine with Nvidia's linux drivers.
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