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Default Re: 2x GTX 460 1GB in SLI vs. GTX 480

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Well the good thing about SLI is you can set a profile to disable it if you do have issues with it in certain applications. Though obviously the downside is you won't get the extra performance. But any applications that have issues with SLI probably wouldn't need the extra performance since the 460 is a fairly strong card on its own.

Where the headaches come in is when the application could use the performance of two cards but has issues with it. When I had dual 8800s Empire: Total War had terrible issues with SLI and it was a game that could have used the extra performance from those cards. Though my thoughts are the game suffered from poor driver support from nvidia for those cards as the 200 series had no trouble with SLI but anything G80 or G92 just flat out sucked with SLI. So I guess down the line if you want to keep the card for a while it could become an issue, but partly it depends on nvidia's driver support.
SLI profiles are they part of the actual driver package or is it something you need to download seperately? Having just a 6800GT currently, nvidia control panel doesn't seem to have any mention of SLI anything. Is this due to my current card and board being pre sli so it just doesn't show up or will I have to do anything special day one with the new machine to get SLI up and running?
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