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Default Re: nvidia GeForce 310M CUDA Optimus on FreeBSD 8.1?

Originally Posted by maksfeltrin View Post

I've used FreeBSD since 2001 for web/mail/db services and as my personal desktop development environment.
At home I also use an old version of ubuntustudio on a old pc, just for watching movies and sat tv.

WeIl I've just tried latest version of UbuntuStudio 10.04 in my notebook...
...everything's just working out of the box, my internal monitor is recognized with 1366x768 resolution (bios mode:win7/vista) and as soon as i attached my external 1440x900 monitor it just worked and extended my desktop....amazing.... i will try to install new nvidia drivers just to see what they do...not before giving myself 1 day of graphic satisfactaction.... until i get support from nvidia or xorg xf86-video-intel will support intel ironlake chipset i think i will stick with linux (after 9 years...let's see if i can resist....too much stuff in "/etc")

Hi there,

I think we have similar notebooks. I've been struggling to get it working in FreeBSD 8.1/amd64 w/ all the latest ports and NVIDIA drivers -- no go.

W/c driver for your ubuntu did you use ? Intel or nvidia ? And would you be kind enuff to post your xorg.conf please?

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