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Default Re: A more secure install

Originally Posted by Arup View Post
In my case, all my sensitive stuff gets regularly backed up to a separate external drive. For partitioning, I use a separate partition named Data. This allows me to clean install Linux when new versions are released without loosing data. I also keep a up to date image of Ubuntu LTS via clonezilla so I can go back to it once I am done playing with other distros.
Thanks for that.

I keep my LTS install on a separate drive atm, where I'm looking to dual boot Fedora 13 and OS11.3 on another drive, but having that backup image will come in handy, I'm sure.

But this way I can mangle my "practice" installs and configs without damaging my primary.

Right now it's all about learning the Linux file structure and what are considered "best practices" by the community.

Thanks for sharing Arup.
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