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Default Linux, Laptop, GeForce 8600M GT, dual-head nvidia and two external monitors


I would like to ask technical people for help, I want to understand and fix the following problem in case it is possible. In case it is a wrong forum for my question, please let me know the proper place.

Based on mobile dual-head nvidia VGA card (in my case GeForce 8600M GT, VideoBIOS: I want to setup two external monitors (1920x1200 each) which are connected into my laptop (Sony VGN-AR770) by the following outputs:
- monitor 1, DFP-1 (Internal Single Link TMDS) by HDMI cable
- monitor 2, CRT-0, VGA cable
and since the card is only dual-head, disable the Laptop's default flat panel on DFP-0 (Internal Dual Link LVDS).

As far as I understand there are no HW limitations and it looks like I'm configuring wrongly xorg.conf (not sure, see case 1 below) or it is a bug in one of the following SW components that I would like to fix:
- VideoBios (not sure, see case 1 below)
- kernel (not sure, see case 1 below)
- xorg (????)
- nvidia drivers (????)

Here is my experiments that prove that my setup shall work:
Case (1): I can setup exactly what I want in Ubuntu 10.04 (OS for testing) by using the default drivers "nouveau/fbdev" and gnome-display-properties, but the problem is that GPU's fan is spinning too loud and I think it is not good. Also in this case no features like 3G and compiz...
Case (2): by using Ubuntu 8.04 (my current working OS) or Ubuntu 10.04 I can easily use the following setups DFP-0 & CRT-0 or DFP-0 & DFP-1 by using TwinView or Xinerama (nvdia drivers 173.14.12 or 195.36.24).
Case (3): If I'm trying disable the DFP-0 by adding option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "DFP-0" or/and exactly specify "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP-1, CRT-0" in device section, there is no errors in Xlog, but the monitor 1 (DFP-1) and Laptop's default flat panel (DFP-0) are blacked out and working only monitor 2 (CRT-0).

Please keep in mind that I've spend more then 3 month playing around xorg.conf and reading the nvidia linux drivers docs and I think that the problem is in src not in the config files, but maybe I've missed something...

Thank you.

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