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Default Re: 256.44 X freezes


I've a similar problem that might or might not be the same which also exclusively only happened so far while watching videos (w/ either vdpau or xv). The video picture starts to stutter (freezes for up to seconds) while the audio continues. The problem worsens rapidly and the audio begins to silence too. Stopping the playback and restarting X usually ends up in a frozen machine right at the point when the X server is trying to end itself- no magic sysrq keys are working at that point, no kernel msgs whatsoever. Sometimes it recovers, sometimes it doesn't.

My machine:
Core i7 860 w/ Palit 9800GTX+ [512MB]
Gentoo x86_64 (~amd64) w/ kernel
256.44 nvidia drivers
xorg server 1.8.2

By the way, this happens w/ and w/o composite effects and is not related to the desktop environment being used (KDE, XFCE, ...).

I use all defaults by the nvidia driver except for msi which I have on since ages.

Will try downgrading to 256.35 and see if it fixes things.
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