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Post Rumor: ATI logo finally gone?

Over at KitGuru they're caught wind of some 'background buzz' that AMD may finally be killing off the ATI brandname, rolling the video products under the AMD banner.
The world is full of weird paradoxes , surprises and contradictions. Apple PCs have always been famous for graphics and yet they don't support DirectX or, generally, ship with anything faster than a single, middle of the range graphic card. Intel and graphics are two words that most people don't readily put together, yet Intel is the biggest supplier of 3D graphics processors in the world. In a world where cinematic gets wheeled out every 18 months to describe the next generation GPU without a hint of irony, should we be taken aback by the loss of a brand like ATI?

The ATI brand has quite a long history, but has been a bit confusing since they were acquired by AMD. Even AMD's own press releases seem to get a bit confused sometimes about 'AMD Video Card' and 'ATI Video Cards'. Bringing it all under one name would cut the costs associated with maintaining 2 high-profile brands simultanously, but remove any pretense of niceties between AMD and NVidia, and ATI and Intel.

via ATI logo finally gone? | KitGuru.

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