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Default Re: nVnews attitude adjustment?

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
It was brought up over on B3D over the non-posting of Uttar's ULE here, is nVnews once again starting to try and get on nVidia's good side?

I honestly don't see any other reason for not posting Uttar's piece. It was solid and informative.
I will post what I did over there..

uttar's was an opinion piece... why is it imperitive that it should have been posted on the front page here ?

it ticked me off that uttar decided to take it upon himself to take potshots at members here for non-posting of the article...

so what if it's not on the front page ? I dont think nvnews is in the business of sensationalism... b3d for sure has not posted it... heck even r3d has not posted it... perhaps you should take issue with r3d and get them to change their anti-ati attitude as well ?

btw about the article... there are holes in it... uttar is going on hearsay as he himself has admitted... his article is based on 'sources' not from what he himself knows... he has already revised his article a couple of times... ergo why I call it an opinion piece...

its a good read but I fail to see why it should be on the front page digi ? do you have some vested interest in this ?
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