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Default Re: Re: Re: nVnews attitude adjustment?

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
No vested interest other than my interest in seeing nVnews staying the best source of nVidia information around...and I feel by not posting up that editorial it is failing to do so.

nVnews has posted up lots of stories based on Uttar's info before, but now for his final article which is his personal view of how nVidia was/is doing you seem to find it "hearsay" and "gossip"?

Yeah, I DO see a double-standard there...and I don't like it.
digi I think nvnews does an excellent job of posting news... both hardware related and otherwise...

they have also routinely posted rumourwatch links because they are generally good reliability (ie follow along expected lines) and thats great...

these are rumours based on things coming to the market or otherwise...

you don't seem to differentiate THAT from an opinion piece though which i find odd...

btw I am not speaking on behalf of nvnews... its just IMO you are making this a bigger issue than it need be...

r3d has not posted it (least till last I checked)... have you posted there and let the newsposters know they are hypocrits or have double-standards yet ?

I still fail to see a reason to put nvnews on the spot for this though... just because they didn't do something YOU thought they should do ?
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