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Default Re: Enabling blur in kwin slows down the desktop effects

I would really like to see an answer from a kde developer. It is possible to efficiently implement an blur effect with opengl 1.4 (as compiz demonstrates), so why did they choose opengl 2.0?
And on top of this, the "old" blur from pre kde 4.3 didn't have performance issues, it just had some other bugs, like crashes :-)

Originally Posted by nece228
In fact theres no such slowdowns when using ati fglrx driver.
There are:

But there are no such slowdowns when using compiz.

And seemingly there are a lot of problems with the blur effect in 4.5, with both nvidia and ati drivers:

So it is pretty likely the kwin is the culprit. This is far from saying the the nvidia driver is perfect, in fact, it isn't. But you need to get the facts right before you accuse other people of ignorance.
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