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Default Re: Anyone done the upgrade from a 8800 GTX to 460 GTX?

Originally Posted by RoachMojo View Post
Well, Red, I just installed my GTX470 last night, replacing two MSI 8800GTs, and here are my impressions:

SCII performed only slightly better (CPU limitation), but now I can run ultra settings and it doesn't slow down like the 8800GT's did.

Crysis I can now run on Very High, with 8XQ AA, and it runs beautifully. Very smooth.

Metro 2033 I can now run maxed out, even advanced PhysX and tessellation, and it runs about mid 30s or higher. I never saw it drop below 30fps during the opening sequence. Before that it was a sideshow at times.

Keep in mind that I use my old RPTV as a monitor, and it only does 1280x768 at 60hz.

I'd like to get a new CPU, like a Q9650, but they are still $300+....Maybe I can get the next one down. I have to wait until I can afford it after buying the GTX470. ;-)
Sounds like your 470 is offering comparable performance to my dual 8800GTXs... with the exception of AA I'd imagine. I can run Crysis @ Very High DX10 and 16xAF but no AA and doesn't dip below 30. Or atleast I could at 1680 x 1050.

See, I just recently got this new monitor from work and haven't been able to do a lot of gaming at 1920 x 1200. Don't know how well these 8800s would handle metro or crysis or the likes at this new resolution.

But so far, I'm more than satisified with their performance, even in the few games I've played at 1920 x 1200. Haven't had to turn anything down with the exception of AA.

So it's this level of performance I'm after but with less heat generated and far less power consumed. Sadly, I think the 470 would probably run too hot and consume too much electricity for my needs. The performance may be there, but the coolness and low power consumption is not... at least from the reviews I've read.
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