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Default Official Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Feedback Thread

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is out today on steam. I had to go ahead and get it. I just finished up playing through the first one last week. The first was an awesome experience and so far the second is right behind it. Been playing most of today.

So far it doesn't quite feel as out of control as the first one. To be honest I'm not really sure what's going on story wise yet but a lot has happened and I'm sure it will feed the story later on.

Graphics are as seen in the demo. I'm not really a big fan of effects that make the game look like crap but I understand the youtoob type of look their going for with the pixilation and blur junk but I don't like it. Why would I want to feel like I'm watching rather than doing. Dumb effect, someone will find a way to turn it off I hope. Performance is not an issue for me. 2048x1536 16qAA 16AF max in game setting nets me about 60-85fps solid.

It took me some time to get accustom to the controls. I'm playing on Med diff and have died many times, some due to Lynch not responding or doing what I want, getting against cover or taking the wrong cover but overall it works. Do yourself a favor and make sure to turn off aim assistance, I also lowered aiming sensitivity a tad.
Overall great game, pick it up.
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