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Default Xorg using high % CPU when scrolling or moving windows

I've searched all over for solutions to this and it's very difficult because many people have similar issues but none of the solutions in those threads have solved my problem (e.g. putting "UseEvents" in Xorg...).

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. When I use the Nvidia driver all graphics are lagged and any action makes Xorg go to a very high % (75%+). Especially bad are scrolling or moving windows around. To be clear, this isn't solely happening with Firefox or one software. Even if I just bring up a terminal and move the window around the page I can get the CPU % high. Scrolling with Gnumeric is particularly bad.

I have nVidia GeForce FX 5200 cards and use the attached Xorg.conf file. You might notice I have 2 dual head cards and am trying to use 4 monitors. That is not the issue though because even if I just use one card with one monitor active I still have this exact same problem. I do not have any problems and things are very smooth when using the nouveau driver except that it will only recognize one of the cards and thus I can only use 2 monitors. I'd like to get nVidia drivers working to use 4 monitors with Xinerama. I have no need for 3D or special features if that makes a difference, this isn't used for gaming.

I have attached xorg.conf file and the xorg.0.log...any help anyone can give would be appreciated.
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