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There is no policy change.

I'll reiterate verbatim what I posted there regarding this issue:

"Look, so maybe this was a little about timing, sentiment, and the realization that a lot of the editorial contains facts that have been rehashed repeatedly...

Nothing really against the article, but I get the "I've heard it all before" feeling from it...

Please realize that the nvnews community went throught some very hard times from january until well into the nv35's lifespan... the community was inundated with immature bashers and bringers of FUD and general crapola... the past couple months has seen a turnaround in the community's standing behind nvidia and their products, and that's to be commended (the company and the site)... i don't think I'm blowing thigs out of proportion when I say that the nvnews forums were hell for a while... full of nv-bashers, FUD spreaders, naysayers, undermedicated fanboys and n00b consumers looking for someone to yell at...

It gets old...

I certainly feel that nv has made some mistakes, but I don't make a forum career out of bashing one brand or another.

And Uttar, I don't really feel that you were bashing.. but just bringing up points that have been around the block a few times already... Mike's patience has run out on that stuff, and understandably so... he has his own fish to fry... "

.... mmmkay?

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