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Default Re: Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Results

Originally Posted by JasonPC View Post
Vista is pretty much just as reliable as 7 with all the updates applied. What made you decide to use the 5830 in your new system ragejg?

Also I suspect ATI will have to optimize their drivers for this game. There's a huge drop in performance DX9 -> DX11 just from using the DX11 renderer (no extra effects). Most games have an increase in performance from using the DX11 renderer. Clearly something is wrong there. This isn't much of a surprise though, when the first Lost Planet benchmark came out, it wouldn't even run on the ATI 2900 in DX10. NVIDIA slips Capcom some serious $$$
I didn't run any DX9-path tests, my thinking was that this is a DX11 game, it's DX11 hardware, might as well run the native-ish code path.

I use an HD 5830 on my media rig because NV cards have scaling issues with my 720p HDTV (which is getting replaced Jan '10). The TV only has a few presets for scaling, and NV cards require me to use the scaling utility and end up with a sub-720p desktop resolution which is a PITA for lots of program menus designed for a minimum of 720 or 768 pixels. ATI cards have just proven to be friendlier with all the 720p TVs I've used over the last few years. Maybe it's different with higher-end 1080p units. We'll see when I buy one. I'm very happy with the HD 5830's performance anyway, and I get to play with the GTX 460 on the desk PC (hooked to a nice 24" Samsung 1080p LCD monitor) any time.

Regarding ATI results on LP2 benchmark, I think the results will stay about the same for the 5-series. There's no workaround for poor tessellation capabilities. My results are consistent with those of other review sites doing multi-card compares.

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