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Default Accelerated Triple Head with GTX295 and 8400GS

Hi folks,

I've been scouring around the net and am unable to find any recent threads on the matter, and wanted to see if my request is possible.

Basically I've got 2 graphics cards in my machine, A GTX 295 and an 8400GS, and 3x 1920x1080 monitors (2 connected to the 295, and 1 in the 8400) all connected via DVI.

Under Windows this setup works as expected, and I'm able to use the entire desktop as usual.
Under Linux however, I am unable to get accelerated video (Compiz etc) to each of my monitors, either resorting to Xinerama or TwinView + 1 Separate X screen.

Is there a way (pretty or not) to get accelerated 3d to each display and have them behave as one desktop?

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64 with the 195.36_24 driver.

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