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Default Re: Next-Generation DDR4 Memory to Reach 4.266GHz - Report

Not really Vin, the dolby audio runs on a 3rd core if available if not it pwns dual cores. Kinda sad if you have a dual core and a nice sound card its still runs like crap.

You guys are still missing my point. I understand cpus are much more efficient than 5+ years ago. Imagine how much faster they would be if they were by default running at higher clocks. I know they would require more power and produce more heat, but the clock speeds would be there when you needed it and you reached anything above %70 load.

There is a reason why intel has extreme cpus that are $1000. They will do 5ghz easily I think intel is holding back, I guess there really isn't much of a market and the average consumer is happy with the speeds they get.

I also realize its gonna take 10 or more years for most software to take advantage of the mulit threads of an i7 much less a 6 or 8 core cpu.
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