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Default Power consumption GTS 250 versus GTX 240/260/275 with the Linux drivers?

My 6600GTjust blew up (system hang, then graphics corruption). I'm looking for a new card that has dual DVI (at least one of them dual-link) and low idle power consumption, this time in the field of some graphics muscle.

Price/performance wise the GTS 250 looks attractive but the Windows-based reviews indicated that it takes a lot of power idle, more than the GTX 240-275. Presumably that might be based on power management in the drivers, and a series of NVidia drivers was taken back for not aggressive enough fan speed, also presumably only in the GTX card.

What's the story with today's Linux drivers and power of these cards?

Any random recommendations for cards? Low idle power, I'd like to buy something that comes stock with a 2-slot design that directly exhausts the air through a built-in slot grille and is quiet in 2D.

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