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Default Re: A problem in GNOME

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
I had a clean install of Fedora 13 (awesome distro) with KDE, but...well, I don't want to hijack Doc's thread any further. I'll just say I really think the KDE team is way, way too focused on eye-candy over intuitive use and functionality.

Don't get me wrong, I love good desktop bling, but personally I lean more towards minimalist than full blown effects anyway.
When I say KDE centric, I mean a distro that uses KDE as the default desktop, and gnome is secondary. Bling isn't the reason I like KDE, its the customization and functionality of the desktop that I love. I haven't used to much of KDE4 and it would take a while to get used to it probably. Gnome is gimped compared to KDE IMO.
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