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Default My 3d HTPC Adventure

So I upgraded my gaming pc to make it 3d ready. Been playing the few games I owned and its been fun and all. But I wanted some real 3d stuff. So it began.

My first purchase was a 4x bluray drive, and to say my dvd writer was sitting idle and gathering dust, but I need a bd drive, so that.
Then went and bought couple of software, stereoscopic player from and Powerdvd 10 Ultra 3d Mark 2
Now for the content, I scourged the net and found lot of 3d content at Paying a few bucks got me access to their ftp with tons of stuff.
And then the movies, bought Grand Canyon Imax 3d, and Monster vs Aliens 3d from Ebay. Paid a pretty penny to get them, but was worth it.
Now I want to get 3d channels from Directv, but thats not straight forward. Directv only sends 3d signals to a handful on 3d tvs in their list. Connect anything else and it wont budge.
So what I am doing is to get a edid spoofer(gefen HDMI Detective), getting edid for a tv in their list. For this I have to go to Bestbuy and hope one of the reps there will let me connect my device to one of the tvs on display there. Highly unlikely, especially since I am not American or white(lol)
then connect it to a Avertv HD DVR Capture card and hope it carries the signal to my pc, when I will then use stereoscopic player to play the live video in checkerboard format.
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