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Default Re: A problem in GNOME

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Yah caught me

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When I say KDE centric, I mean a distro that uses KDE as the default desktop, and gnome is secondary. Bling isn't the reason I like KDE, its the customization and functionality of the desktop that I love. I haven't used to much of KDE4 and it would take a while to get used to it probably. Gnome is gimped compared to KDE IMO.
Yep, I understand your meaning - what distro would you recommend? I prefer deb based, but rpm is cool too.

Thing is I first ran into the same issue Doc had for this thread, no default shut down. I had to install the applet afterwards. I also couldn't move anything in the taskbar, no option for it, and every icon I placed there set itself to the far right.

I also find the new menu clumsy, not very intuitive either as well as having to access numerous panels for simply customizing the appearance. I do everything under, 2 menus in Gnome.

Like you said though, that may just be the way a non default DE installs itself. Recommend me a KDE-centric distro and I'll give it a whirl.

Thanks bacon
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