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Default Re: GTX 460 Power Req.

Originally Posted by Cabs21 View Post
Hi, I recently received Starcraft 2 and would like to see some of the detail and effort put into the graphics. My laptop does not handle well at the lowest setting and looking to upgrade to a GTX 460 with 1GB and some overclocking for my desktop. I am all ready to purchase but getting worried about power supply requirements. I have a OCZ 700W supply (GameXStream OCZ700GXSSLI-B)

I am not sure the 12v rails will output enough AMPs. I have seen people say yes and no and would like a more straight forward answer. I know the specs for the GTX 460 call for 24 AMPs at 12V but my supply only says 18 AMPs on 12V. Can I combined two unused rails to crate over 30 AMPs at 12V or am I going to need a new supply.

Thanks for your input.
I have the same PSU and it handled 1 GTX-460 1GB just fine. I used the 2 PCIe power connectors. (It also handled my old GTX-285 just fine)

It would not handle 2 however and wouldn't even power the system on. Replaced it with a Corsair TX850 for about $100.

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