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Ok, I've been playing around with this phone for the past day and a half and I officially LOVE IT, even if it only has 1.6 installed right now

Photo below was taken on my iPhone 4.


The phone is thin and light-weight and yet the build-quality is great. It almost begs to be used in Landscape mode, but you can use it either way. Again, the device is SLEEK as heck. It is as thin, if not thinner, than my iPhone 4, which is really saying something. No pictures do the device justice. It looks awesome in person.

The overall fit/finish is very impressive and the camera's (both) work extremely well. They are as good as/better than the iPhone 4's from my seat of the pants feel.

The device is extremely responsive even if it is running 1.6. Note that the BIG caveat here is the OS and it is really holding back the device right now. The rumor is that 2.2 will be debuting on the phone sooner rather than later and that is what I am looking forward to.

While the phone is not small, it actually fit comfortably into my jeans. I was wearing a pair of AX jeans last night and the pockets aren't very large, and yet there was no problem fitting the phone in there. Sitting down with the phone in your pocket is a different story, but then I always remove my iPhone when I sit anyways, so this would be no different.

Dedicated camera button is a god-send. I didn't realize how much I missed this.

I am able to easily log into my corporate network with this device. I cannot with my iPhone because of the lack of comprehensive settings even going through Exchange. It is something I can fix, but I am not going to pay extra for the ability to get support.

The pixel density is pretty solid and I didn't notice pixelation when using the device. I had much more real-estate on websites and didn't need to scroll around to see more of a page. Typing was also easier with the keyboard, but it could have been oriented better. SWYPE was not installed so I didn't get a chance to play with it.


Biggest con right now is the lack of Froyo. With Froyo I think this device will be a game-changer because it is the PERFECT size, at least as far as I am concerned.

Accessories. There are a lot of accessories, but I am hoping to see a lot more in the coming months. For a device this big, it will need more custom components and I don't know if Dell has enough partners. I saw and felt Otter's case and I like it, but where are the other car docks besides the one on the website?

Locked to AT&T. While the iPhone was able to get away with it, I am not happy with this lock. Even the "unlocked" version is locked to AT&T's network.


Overall, I have not been as excited about a phone since the original iPhone 3G came out. At that time it was the best overall device on the market. Some did things better in some areas, others in other areas but the 3G was the best of breed.

Right now the iPhone 4 continues to have by far the smoothest interface and has some nice gimmicks, but with Froyo, Android has officially left Apple behind and Dell has done an amazing job (who woulda thunk it?) with this product. I am truly shocked at how much I was enamored with it.

I have 2 lines on my phone account, 1 has my iPhone 4 and the 2nd is currently running a 3G and I am tempted to switch the 3G (it's upgrade ready) to the Streak. They are shipping and delivering now so I know I'll be able to get one


Regarding phone calls, the Streak actually doesn't look too weird holding up to your head. It is not small by any means but it doesn't look gargantuan, unless you are a midget with tiny hands and a pin-cushion sized head.

4.5/5 Stars

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