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Default Geforce 6200 under Ubuntu 10.04 - No OpenGL

I cannot get OpenGL or Compiz to work. I'd really like to get this working so that I can run Boxee and other apps that require graphics acceleration. As things stand I had marginally better Flash video playback with my on-board Intel 845 graphics chip (which is currently disabled in bios).

Following a somewhat lengthy and difficult installation of my video card I ended up installing the latest -x86-256.44 driver driver from the Nvidia website manually by following these instructions:

A brief run-down of what I went through before getting this working is here:

Initially I was able to activate visual effects (Compiz) and at some point I managed to run glxgears. However following multiple reboots either work. Anything that tries to use OpenGL gives the following error message:

"glXCreateContext failed"

The machine also has an onboard Intel graphics chip which is disabled in bios. I have heard that these can cause issues with Compiz due to being blacklisted, even when another graphics card is being used, but I do not know if this is relevant in my case.

Thanks in advance for ANY advice!

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