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Originally posted by AthlonXP1800
I found what patch 340 changed:

So nothing to do with cheating!

I think 744 3D Marks loss is due to the limited of 256x256 point sprite size, is that same thing with texture? I think Geforce FX supported maximum of 4096x4096 texture. I still not understand why FutureMark restricted it to lame 256x256, it is so old now, it should use the maximum size.
You conveniently missed this bit from the Futuremark press release...
Parts of the program code have been changed so that possible 3DMark03 specific optimizations in current drivers will not work. 3DMark03 specific optimizations in drivers are against run rules of 3DMark03, because they invalidate the performance measurement results and thus make it impossible to compare performances of different hardware. A list of drivers that have been tested - and confirmed to produce valid 3DMark03 scores - has been published on Futuremark’s website.
Edit: Press release link
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