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Default Re: Adding nVidia driver to liveCD?

Originally Posted by primerib View Post
Everything I've heard of that the Nouveau driver is very immature. There's also no vdpau on their roadmap which is a huge drawback imo. Maybe someone with experience using the driver can comment further?
Nouveau can be considered mature on several aspects. It's 2D performance for instance is higher than the closed-source nvidia driver. On the other hand there is no support for accelerated video or power management (as in... backscaling the GPU clock speeds), and it's 3d performance is not as high as the official driver. It's stable for cards older than the G2xx series as long as you're not talking 3D. Everything else is a work in progress. Currently, if you want the best of the best from your card you should use the official driver. For ease of use Nouveau is a fine alternative, and it certainly is much better then the "nv" driver.
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