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Originally posted by ChrisRay
I dont get it. Because the tone changed a bit. And Not everyone is slamming Nvidia every chance they get, And people are actually seeing some positive side to Nvidia cards, The site is all of a sudden changing?

Digi, This is a flame post. I really must question your agenda at times. It seems you want Nvidia to be in flames, Whether there's reason or not. And I'm going by your posts today,

Anyway, Flame war? no, I wont get drawn into it, But Nvnews has had to deal with the hardest times considering Nvidias situation, But Asking an Nvidia fansite to label something a Piece of Garbage, (When It's obviously not) Is over the line.

ATI has a good product. But that doesnt mean there are not good sides of owning an Nvidia product. And I believe you want everyone to believe there is nothing good in an Nvidia card.
yah... in general there are positives in what nvidia have been doing and we can only hope that this in relation to the attitude consumers and their investors have taken though it is unlikely...

seeing a company on top take a hit in terms of the performance crown...they will obviously try and wrest it back...

though I am not a fan of the baseline performance in all aspects for the mainstream and higher nv3x cards... there is no reason for consumers not to buy them... they give pretty good performance across the board... especially with the new shaders...

actually... the new drivers would probably not be seen in the light they are seen in now were it not for the fact ati is doing the same thing..

I have a feeling were it NOT for ati doing the same thing that nvidia bashing would have encompassed the latest forceware drivers also...

now is THAT fair ?

just my $0.02...
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